Making Broadband Broader: Connecting tech communities to bridge the gap

By kecksterl (other events)

Thursday, April 25 2013 8:30 AM 10:30 AM EST

What if we told you there is an untapped, local audience for your latest and greatest mobile app? The digitally under-served (read: people who have the mobile access, but may not know of existing tools) are an important and unrealized group here in Philadelphia. This proposed “mash up” will bring together developers, entrepreneurs, data gurus, digital literacy trainers, and technology newbies for a dynamic roundtable discussion. Over breakfast you’ll hear directly from new technology users about their unique needs and challenges. We’ll also demo new civic apps that have the ability to empower individuals to organize and take action in their neighborhoods. If that isn’t enough, this very inclusive conversation will take place at Drexel’s new community mansion – the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships at 35th & Spring Garden. You’ll get an inside look at this historical and architectural West Philly gem.